From Sunday 9th June 2024

Sunday Masses will be at
10am (English) and 1.15pm (Polish/English)

Szczęść Boże. Po śmierci naszego proboszcza ks. Bogdana, nastąpiły zmiany godziny mszy świętych . I tak w niedzielę będzie tylko jedna msza święta dla polskiej wspólnoty z liturgią Słowa Bożego w języku polskim o godz. 1:15 pm. Serdecznie zapraszamy.
Dk. Krzysztof

St Mary Magdalene’s, 7 Glenearn Road, Perth, PH2 0BD

The parish of St Mary Magdalene serves the south of Perth, Craigie and Moncrieffe, and the communities of Bridge of Earn, Kintillo, Aberdalgie, Rhynd, Elcho, Glenfarg and Abernethy as well as the Polish community in the area. Sunday Mass is at 10am – and Weekday Mass is at 9am (on Tuesday – Saturday) and there is a Polish Mass at 7pm on Fridays too.

At St Mary Magdalene Parish, we are committed to inviting and supporting every parishioner to become a disciple of Christ, building God’s Kingdom through our prayer and service. 

Working together we will seek to build a strong parish community where all feel welcome and inspired by the Gospel message to live God’s mission with faith, hope and love. As I come to St Mary Magdalene, the Polish Community are also moving with me, and that movement should enriched our parish culturally, spiritually and financially. If there is anything I can do to help you in your journey with God, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will seek to offer as many opportunities for parishioners to come together in faith as possible. 

I pray that you may feel comfortable and find warmth, encouragement and spiritual growth in our parish. May God bless you and your family.